About Ron Quomsieh

WELCOME to my web site, thank you for visiting.

The ART of photography has been a passion of mine since I picked up my first camera in High School. Being in-front of both sides of the lens, I have a keen eye in finding that amazing look.

Photography to me is telling someone's story, someone's life. When an Image is taken and reveals itself, the inherent value and power within that photograph has the ability to stop time, to preserve a memory, and sharing that experience with another person is absolutely priceless. I attempt to find that deep intimate moment and connection between couples, loved ones, or alone in a portrait setting. It's the expressions of people that the camera captures is what makes every person different, I find and seek out those expressions.

Photos are a lot more than just images, In today's world we do so much more. We e-mail, post them on different social network sites, or have them printed and hang them on our walls.

Photos are truly expressions of the moment captured in time for us and the world to see and enjoy.

I'm very outgoing and humble, I enjoy shooting with my camera very much and take pride in what I do. Looking forward to our first meeting ;-)

A GREAT photographer once told me "there is no perfect picture, just a perfect moment"

As a Photographer, capturing the moment in-between the moment is essential.
You're the STAR!

Not everyone is photogenic, it can be difficult to be in front of the camera. I make it fun and enjoyable for you to relax and be yourself.

Fun Environment!

I have a layed back personality and very outgoing. Every event I attend and photograph is enjoyable to everyone in attendance.


I can travel, on location is always best for Portraits. Nature, sometimes gives you some incredible photos of couples or families.


I'll always do my best to explain everything. If you have any questions espesially about my camera gear, please ask and I'll answer ;-)

Personal - About Me

I can't end this page with out a little humor; some fun fact about me.

  • I'm a Gemini - Ahh, the twins. Anyone know Castor & Pollux?
  • I was born in Jerusalem.
  • I'm a father of a rambunctious 13 year old boy that thinks "dad knows nothing" ;-)
  • I live in South Orange County California - Yehh, I see the beach at least once a week.
  • Ohh, I love Chili's, Ice Cream, and Coffee.

That's a little about me!